In Sumbawa, we are all work everyday finding the best way how to make Sumbawa become well known in world wide, a lot of people still dont know that this beautiful island has so many places of interest which is deserve to be visited. As if people never know Sumbawa is exist, they simply passed the many hidden gems behind them, they just heading to where all other travelers goes to, through overland and sea trip.

After several years exploring the island of Sumbawa and surrounding area, exploring the beauty of the sea and under the sea, culture and customs, we record all the places we visited, making travel patterns that are different from the patterns of travel in general, so each object can be connected properly, and visitors can get the sensation of a different trip, enjoyable and memorable

What we offer is a whole new world of Indonesian tourism, a place that had been overlooked, even not yet become leading destinations in Indonesia tourism. Starting your journey in Sumbawa is an adventure to a new things, new places, full of sensations and new knowledge

We set up some patterned travel packages , providing the opportunity to experience all the natural beauty that is in Sumbawa. With a team that has had experience over many years in the world of tourism in Lombok and Bali, we start a new step, to a renewal the tourism in the island of Sumbawa , Sumbawa and surrounding areas, so as to provide new experiences for tourists

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Found buried in soil in 1971, spread out over 5 point of location, is a historical heritage, Situated on the mountain of Sangka Bulan, 9 km from the Village of Batu Tering, Sumbawa Regency. The beautiful landscape can be found […]

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This unique and historic cave is located on the back of a mountain in the forest which is located quite far from the village of Batu Tering, District of Moyo Hulu, Sumbawa regency. To get to the location, we could […]

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A small hamlet of Kuang Amo, Sempe Village, sub district of Moyo Hulu, Sumbawa regency. Approximately 36 km from the downtown of Sumbawa Besar. 1,5 hours by Motor bike or 4 WD jeep, is an emerging place that really tempting […]

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Dangar Ode island is one of the beautiful gems in Saleh Bay Sumbawa,  a tiny island surrounded by white sandy beaches, this flat island mostly consist of grass sabana. This island extends like a transverse line between the blue sea, […]

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Is a gorgeous tiny island surrounded by soft white sandy beaches, amazing marine park stretched under its waters covered the area of almost to 20 hectare Turquoise and clear water in its shallows that is so alluring is really good […]

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Administratively the island of Moyo is included in the sub district of Badas, Sumbawa Regency, the geographical position of the island is located at 08 ° 13′ 46” latitude and 117 ° 33′ 54” longitude, covering the area of 34.180 […]

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