wpid-kertasari11Administratively the island of Moyo is included in the sub district of Badas, Sumbawa Regency, the geographical position of the island is located at 08 ° 13′ 46” latitude and 117 ° 33′ 54” longitude, covering the area of 34.180 Ha.

Moyo island topography is generally hilly, with species of higher plants and dense.

The island is surrounded by mostly white sandy beaches, a variety of beautiful attractions are on the island, such as waterfall, unique caves, wonderful river, and natural forests.

 This island has a population of 3,471 inhabitants and 1,023 families from two villages of Labuan Aji and Sebotok village.

Infrastructure available today is in the form of unpaved village roads, clean water supply, solar power, and dock.

Besides the diverse natural beauty of this island, Moyo island also has natural beauty of the sea that lies in the marine park covering an area of 6,000 Ha

Some interesting places for activities are snorkeling and diving in several points, including: Takat Segele, Labuan Aji Aji Reef, Labuan Aji Wall, Angle Reef, Brang Sedo, Ai Manis, Tanjung Pasir, etc., most of the other points are still still untouched.

Moyo island located at the mouth of the Saleh Bay, has a diversity of flora and fauna under the sea that can make you feel at home, curious and want to come back again. Various types of coral and reef fish are here, ranging from a depth of less than 1m up 50m.

For lovers of Snorkeling and Diving, Takat Segele, Labuan Aji Reef, Tanjung Pasir and Angel Reef are some of the many spots that are worth visiting, offers the natural beauty of the flora and fauna of the sea.

The starting point to get to the island is can be started from several locations in the area of ​​Sumbawa, those are: Labuan Badas, Labuan Sumbawa, Ai Loang and Ai Bari Village, it all depends on which part of the island you are heading to.

If you are heading to the eastern part of the island as the location of Ai Manis, and Tanjung Pasir, then the choice of starting point is the nearest beach in Ai Loang or Ai Bari Village, sub district of North Moyo.

And if your choice is towards the western part of the island, then the choice of starting point could be from Labuan Badas, Labuan Sumbawa and can also through Loang Ai Coast or Ai Bari Village.

Crossing to the island of Moyo depend on facilities will be used. If you use a wooden boat from Labuan Badas or Labuan Sumbawa, an average time will be 1.5 -2 hours. While using Speed ​​Boat can be faster and it takes only about 40 minutes from Labuan Sumbawa, and 30 minutes from the beach of Ai Loang.

It took more than 5 days if you want to explore various natural beauty of the island of Moyo.

Local Houses or traditional house could be an alternative if you do not want to stay in the only luxury resort located on the island of Moyo, the so called Amanwana Resort.

Camping is another alternative to enjoy its natural beauty. Besides Snorkeling and Diving, several other interesting and challenging activities you can do in this peaceful island, are : Trekking, Sunset Time, Camping, Adventure, Fun Fishing and Caving.