satonda_islandA gorgeous small island, located in the northernmost of the main island of Sumbawa, only 20 minutes off the shore of Nanga Miro – Dompu regency. Uninhabited island with an area of 535 acre, mostly of its area is mountainous, with the highest level at 350 meters from the sea level. The lake of Motitoi with an area of 950 meter in longest diameter, and 450 meter in shortest diameter lies wonderfully in the middle of the island.

You can wander through the forest, and that will be a great activity to have the sweetest sight on the island, to the height of 150 meters from the sea level, where you can gaze down on the tranquil blue water of Motitoi lake, and feel the fresh air that gently touch you. Some wishing stones are hung on the tree’s twig, it is firstly hanged by a couple from Germany that wished a baby in their live. since that time, in the year of 1991, the couple come back to the island and asked some locals from some villages at the slope of Mount Tambora to accompany them to the island, a goat was an offering as an embodiment to thanks to God as they got what they have wished

In other side, amazing underwater panorama is an appealing things to be explored, you don’t need to swim or floating to far off the shore, as it is just nearby the beaches.