mount-tamboraMount Tambora is an active stratovolcano, has a height of 2,851 meters above sea level, is the highest peak on the island of Sumbawa.

This beautiful mountain region has got the status of a national park in Indonesia, and became one of the main object of tourist destinations, things to do such as nature tourism, education, research and historical attractions.

Mount Tambora has a vast caldera with a diameter 6-7km, and a depth of up to 1,5km, and this is one of the largest and deepest caldera in Indonesia. But for a kind of a caldera of an active volcano, Mount Tambora caldera is the largest in Indonesia.

Dompu and Bima is a city that is located closest to the mountain. On the slopes of Mount Tambora, there are several villages. In the east there is the village of Sanggar. In the northwest, there is the village of Doro Peti and the villages of Calabai in the west.

Tambora has 2 ascent route frequently traveled by hikers namely Pancasila and Doro Ncanga

Both ascent routes is having its own beauty, Pancasila route offers beautiful pine forests and beautiful nature, whereas the ascent route of Doro Ncanga offers beauty of savanna.

If the route of Pancasila climbers begin the ascent from the height of 450m and will hike along 25km to the summit, Meanwhile, route of Doro Ncanga, the climbers will use a 4wd jeep vehicle beforehand, or Motor Trail up to an altitude of 1500m called Post III, the Summit attact then starts from there.