mantar_villageMantar is a unique village perched high on the mountain of Mantar, it is still in the district of Poto Tano, but the easier access to go is throught Seteluk another sub district in West Sumbawa regency.
Located on the heigh of 650 meters from the sea level, Mantar Village offers you the uniqueness of way of life that still hold by the local people there.
Going up to Mantar Village is an adventure tour, as it is only a 4wd wheels car can go up there, the road is Bumpy, rocky and dusty especially in the the dry season, it will takes about 40 minutes to arrive in the village.
But the uniqueness of culture, a great chance to stay with the local people, a spectacular view from up the mountain where you can see the view of Alas strait dotted with some beautiful small island, and amazing backdrop of Mount Rinjani in Lombok will reward your effort.
Take a morning walk to the other side of Mantar will gives you a feeling like you are above the clouds, the sun arise up nd the clouds are goes around covered all the others villages located at the foot of the mountain and you are above all of it.