CAVE-ADVENTUREThis unique and historic cave is located on the back of a mountain in the forest which is located quite far from the village of Batu Tering, District of Moyo Hulu, Sumbawa regency. To get to the location, we could use the motorbike from the village of Batu Tering, then walk past a small beautiful river named Tiu Sekat (Narrow River) because flanked by cliffs of rock, the water in the river is sparkling green, the river will tempt you to plunge feel the coolness before then hike through the woods for approximately 25 minutes to arrive at the entrance to the cave.

The cave is very dark, that’s why it is called LIANG PETANG or The Dark Cave. The mouth of the cave is not too big, to enter it we have to pass a small bridge made of several logs.

The room in the cave is quite extensive, the uniqueness is starting to look when we’re in the cave, stalactite forms attached to the ceiling of the cave add distinctive impression.