lakey_beachLakey beach, HU’U District is one of the world’s best surfing spot. Due to the severity and consistency of its waves, each year on a regular basis Lakey beach used as a host of world-class surfing competitions. Lakey Beach- HU’U located in the Southern part of Dompu 1 hour drive to the Surf Spot. while from Sumbawa Besar Approximately 5 hours. Lakey-HU’U Coast has the power of 4 types of waves: Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe and Periscop. And a few miles near the coast of Lakey Surf Spot you will find other, no less wonderful Periscope known, the most consistent and powerful wave for surfing. Mostly Professional Surfers called Left Handle Wave.

Lakey beach is also an amazing place for Enjoying the Sunset time, a wonderful time to witnessing the Sun redden the sky.