kuang-_amoA small hamlet of Kuang Amo, Sempe Village, sub district of Moyo Hulu, Sumbawa regency. Approximately 36 km from the downtown of Sumbawa Besar. 1,5 hours by Motor bike or 4 WD jeep, is an emerging place that really tempting to be visited and explored

This wonderful place is a lush scenery of Moyo Hulu and one of the best place to go in Sumbawa. There are many things to explore, many things to see, as it has many picturesque spots, peaceful and so many scenic vistas that you may see along the way there.

Start your journey from the downtown of Sumbawa Besar heading South for 40 minutes to the village of Berang Rea, in this part you will ride or drive through the smooth road. A challenge comes then after that, as another 50 minutes you will have to pass up the unpaved road, rocky and dusty especially in dry season. But the amazing view will pay your hard effort

Belows are point of interest in Kung Amo

Ai Beling Waterfall
This is the first stop on the journey. An amazing waterfall hidden amidst the green foliage that feel practically untouched by any travelers. You will have plenty of time to take photos of the mountain pools, surrounding views, while enjoying the fresh water of the falls in many different side.

The hamlet of Kuang Amo
This small hamlet located in the mountain valleys, inhabited by a very humble and friendly people, you will have a chance to enjoy their real life, interact with the locals, respecting their culture and environment, stay and eat in the locals houses and experience the local foods.

Ai Puti Waterfall
2 hours trek to the forest, by following the riversides you are heading to another hidden gem, seeing the lush scenery of the very authentic natural landscapes. Make sure to wear a proper and comfortable shoes as you will pass up some stream and the slippery stones, bringing walking stick to help you during the hike is also a good idea as it is a kind of adrenalin pumping adventure.

Tarakin Megalithic Site
Archaeological site abandoned on the mountain of Tarakin, approximately 6 hours trek outside the hamlet along the bamboo forest and lush scenery in the wild woods. this is one of the most unique sites from the Megalithic era in Sumbawa. along the hike you will have a chance to snap a photo of a bird on the trees, and make a photo stop to a peaceful and amazing Liang Apan, a small waterfall with mountain pools that can refresh you mind.

Once you reach the location of the Megalithic site, sculpted shape of humans and animals can still be seen clearly on the remains of a boulder fractures. Due to no expert or prehistoric archaeologist who had been visited this site, you only can play your imagine regarding the site. This one, is also practically untouched by men

Lutuk Batu Peti Megalithic Site
The other important and unique Site are can be found on the mountain of Lutuk Batu Peti. Some Sarcophagus with human face carved on the boulder. It is need 2 hours hike up to the height of approximately 200-300 meters

until now, no expert or a prehistoric archaeologist who had come to visit and are able to interpret the existence of this megalithic site

If you are the adventurous one that can’t sit still and looking for a multi off the beaten track journey or adventure, You need at least 3 to 4 days visit to explore and discover all the hidden gems in this place and soak up the truly of natural beauty to uncover all the hidden gems in the wild woods of Kuang Amo.