dangarDangar Ode island is one of the beautiful gems in Saleh Bay Sumbawa,  a tiny island surrounded by white sandy beaches, this flat island mostly consist of grass sabana.
This island extends like a transverse line between the blue sea, just 30 minutes by motorboat from the fishing village of Prajak by passing a small bay before then we landed on this beautiful island.
several groups of sea gulls flew low as if watching our arrival.
There was a feeling that goes beyond what we expected when a stretch of the beautiful scenery that makes us feel alienated, isolated, and away from the hustle bustle real painted in sight. We felt we were on a private island. place that gives us comfort, peace and happiness incomparable.

The sea water was so clean, like wooing us to immediately dive into and play immerse ourselves in the clear water that looks like crystal. Abundant of coral reef and fishes was the underwater panorama that was truly tempting.