bungin (1)Commonly referred to as the world’s most populous island, because the population density +14,000 inhabitants / km. Known also very safe unique and peaceful. In this island you can not find agricultural land, plantations and farms. Land is land that is used to build housing. To build a new house, they must work together. A man who would like to marry a girl, must dive into the waters and collect a hard coral to make a new fondation that will become their new home to stay with. The absence of land above brings the uniqueness, the other uniqueness and might become wierd for you is, livestock (goats) in this island not only eat leaves, but also paper, fish, and cloth fabric which has been torn.

This unique island is in the area of Alas subdistrict, 70 kilometers from the town of Sumbawa Besar. or about 40 minutes drive overland from the harbor of Poto Tano West Sumbawa