10860803_929766267041344_339871931_oLocated in the mountain in the village area of Bangkat Monteh, sub district of Brang Rea, mumber is underground palace that hides incredible natural charm

Firstly entered by local residents in 1991, It is called Mumber for the location of the caves there are many types of local vegetation commonly used as vegetable by the residents, this plant species is the so called mumber.

in cave of mumber there is some beautiful crevices and cavities dotted by thousands of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites which has been growing for thousand of years.

A major pillar formed of the joining of stalactites and stalagmites in one of the big room is one proof that the cave of mumber already there thousands of years

and In one part of the cave there is a streams that continue to flow throughout the season

The Cave of Mumber is now open to public, for cave exploration or Adventure tour to pump your adrenaline

It take 2 hours hike through the beautiful forest