agal_waterfallMarente village is located in the Eastern part of Alas sub district, Sumbawa regency. It consists of two villages; Marente Beru and Marente Loka. Farming is the main activity of the villagers.

Marente can be reached by motorcycle or car, some roads leading there are still broken and unpaved, but it is only about 2 kms, and the rest is still in good condition.

To go to Marente village takes 45 minutes from the harbor of Poto Tano, West Sumbawa Regency.

The villagers of Marente still hold onto their own tradition. Some of them are as blacksmiths, some make machetes and other traditonal farming equipment. Along with making these peices of farm equipment, comes the knowledge, which has been passed from one generation to the next generation.

Traditional farming acitivity still can be seen in this village today. The farmers still use buffalo to plow their rice fields. A system of mutual cooperation exists between farmers when planting rice and this is a way for villagers help each other.

In Marente village, people can see an exciting aspect of Sumbawanese traditional culture which is Buffalo Racing. Buffalo races are held in this area by invitation by other villages and towns in the regency

Marente village also has a very special potential object of toursim. There are 3 beautiful waterfalls; Seketok, Agal and Sebra.

Seketok (2 hours hike) and Agal (2 hours hike) is one of the highest waterfall in Indonesia, and Sebra (approximately 7-8 hours hike) is the highest waterfall in Indonesia.

There are also some wonderful rivers in Marente which has a big potential for river tubing activities.

The landscape and the nature is still untouched and the area is very pristine and beautiful.