Batu-BabungLet’s get back to the distant past in Pungkit, sub district of Lopok, Sumbawa Regency, where we can go and trek to a small mountain known as Temang Dongan, located about 4 km from the village. In the era of Megalith, Temang Dongan was a small village, people in the past time buried the dead body into the boulder as we known as sarcophagus.

On the mountain of Temang Dongan there are 7 Sarcophagus scattered in 3 Different location, there is a flat just before we reached the top of the mountain, 3 Sarcophagus can be found, some of it had been splited into two, sorts of relief are sculpted to resemble a human face and animal, the local called “Batu Babung” which means “The Doll Stone”. Temang Dongan Megalithic Tomb is somewhat not nurtured, almost all the site are difficult to find as it is covered by the lush trees around it.